Nokelby F Attachment - Improve Your Sound, Technique & Low Register

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    F Attachment - Improve Your Sound, Technique & Low Register

    Have you explored all the possibilities you have with the F attachment, or are you one of those who mainly use the valve for playing 2nd space C or low F?

    In this book I will show that there are, in fact, a lot of other possibilities. This volume contains many folk songs whose melodies are well suited for the purpose of the book (and I also want our folk songs so as not to be forgotten, but brought on to new generations!).

    With this book I want to show you with the F attachment you can: •  Vary your choice of position moreso that on a trombone without a trigger.
    •  Play the "missing" notes between low E and pedal Bb, and have more options when playing pedal tones.
    •  Improve your breathing, since the trigger register requires more air.
    •  Improve your playing in the upper register, as good low register work requires more thorough work in centering the tone.
    •  Use the trigger and low registers to "warm down" after a hard day's practice.

    Many of the world's leading trombonists recommend practicing in the low register, and personally speaking, for me it has paid off. I have also used many songs and exercises in the bass trombone register with my students with good results. The pleaseure of playing good music is something we all appreciate. In this book you will therefore find melodious folk tunes that gradually descend into the deepest register.

    I hope you will enjoy the "journey" downwards into the bass trombone register, and that you will appreciate learning some Norwegian folk tunes at the same time. -the author

    86 pages. Text in English and German.

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