Haydn (Marlatt) Saint Anthony Chorale

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  • Haydn (Marlatt)

    Saint Anthony Chorale (Marlatt) [interchangeable woodwind ens]

    The famous melody of "St. Anthony Chorale" has been attributed to Haydn, but there is doubt as to whether or not he was the composer or simply quoted an older theme taken from an unknown source. Johannes Brahms wrote a famous set of variations based on this melody calling it "Variations on a Theme by Joseph Haydn." The music is simple and stately with the melody moving between several parts. -the publisher

    These Interchangeable Wind Ensemble sets are typically scored in five parts, with parts provided as follows:
    •  Part 1 - flute, oboe or clarinet
    •  Part 2 - flute, oboe or clarinet
    •  Part 3 - clarinet, alto sax or horn
    •  Part 4 - clarinet or tenor saxophone
    •  Part 5 - bass clarinet, bassoon or bari sax

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