Sevcik, Otakar (Gaelen/McCormick) Mastering the Bow, Part 3

Double Bass Studies & Etudes

  • Sevcik, Otakar (Gaelen/McCormick)

    Mastering the Bow, Part 3 (Gaelen/McCormick)

    Gaelen McCormick's third installment of Mastering the Bow provides bass students and performers a comprehensive review of bow strokes. Adapted from Otakar Sevcik's Op. 3 for violin, McCormick challenges bassists to carefully examine the way their bow interacts with the string across the core set of bow strokes; Detache, Martele, Brush, Spiccato, Sautille, and Ricochet. David Allen Moore of the USC Thornton School of Music and the Los Angeles Philharmonic touts this edition as a, "...vital step in bringing our available resources in line with those that upper string players have enjoyed for years and an essential part of any aspiring bassist's library!" -the publisher
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