Schneider (Pfefferkorn) Last Judgement, The, op 46

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    Last Judgement, The, op 46 (Pfefferkorn)

    Friedrich Schneider's second oratorio Das Weltgericht was an immediate success at its 1820 premiere in Leipzig. The initial triumph of the work, which the appearance of Mendelssohn's oratorio Paulus only gradually diminished, helped the new type of choral oratorio to its breakthrough. To this day the work has been considered the high point of the German oratorio genre between Haydn and Mendelssohn as where the storyline is essentially borne by the choir. With the appearance of this Urtext edition taken over from the catalogue of the Pfefferkorn music publishers, the "Last Judgment" is once again fully available. Also for sale in addition to the score is the very playable piano reduction prepared by the composer himself. -the publisher
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