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    Solos for Trombone (8)

    Arthur Pryor (1870-1942) was one of the best-known trombonists and bandsmen of his day. Trombone soloist for John Philip Sousa's celebrated band beginning in 1892, he later functioned as assistant conductor of the Sousa band (1894-1903) before starting his own ensemble. His more than 300 compositions include novelty tunes, ragtime pieces and operettas, but of course he is best remembered today for his virtuosic solos for his own instrument. This new book collects eight of his most popular solos in one volume and includes:
    •  Blue Bells of Scotland
    •  Fantastic Polka
    •  Little Chief, The (Polka Caprice)
    •  Love's Enchantment (Valse de Concert)
    •  Patriot, The
    •  La Petite Suzanne
    •  Starlight
    •  Thoughts of Love

    This is a book every trombonist will want to have in his or her library. The solos contained in this volume are full unabridged versions, and are not "watered-down" or abbreviated.
    (The Little Chief)
    (La Petite Suzanne)
    (The Patriot)

    Recorded by: (editions may vary)
    Θ - Joe Alessi, on Illuminations - CD 49721 (Blue Bells) (w/band)
    Θ - Bob Gillespie, on Trombone - CD 37031 (Blue Bells)
    Θ - Scott Hartman, on Golden Age of Brass v.2 - CD 29411 (Blue Bells)
    Θ - Carl Lenthe, on Audition Window - CD 46871 (The Patriot)
    Θ - Christian Lindberg, on Virtuoso Trombone - CD 24679 (Blue Bells)
    Θ - Jacques Mauger, on Showcase - CD 80555 (Blue Bells)
    Θ - Arthur Pryor, on Trombone Soloist - CD 31719 (Blue Bells)
    Θ - Arthur Pryor, on Trombone Soloist - CD 31719 (The Patriot)
    Θ - Arthur Pryor, on Trombone Soloist - CD 31719 (Love's Enchantment)
    Θ - Weston Sprott, on Act I - CD 80041 (Blue Bells)
    Θ - Larry Zalkind, on Encore! - CD 46704 (Blue Bells)

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