Bach (Allen) Contrapunctus 14, from Art of the Fugue, BWV.1080

11-Part Brass Choirs (Undectet)

  • Bach (Allen)

    Contrapunctus 14, from Art of the Fugue, BWV.1080 (Allen) [423.11]

    Baroque. Contrapunctus 14 is the sixteenth and final movement labeled as a "Contrapunctus" (BWV 1080, Nr 19) of Bach's final opus. Bach never actually completed number 14, as he died prematurely of a stroke before it was finished. It is thus offered herein its original, uncompleted form. This fugue was originally written in 4-part SATB open score form and is now believed to have been intended for performance on the harpsichord. Contrapunctus XIV is an example of a quadruple fugue, whose final fugue subject, not introduced due to the composer's death, was to be based on Bach's own name (B-A-C-H, where, in German notation, B is B-flat, and H is B-natural). This according to competant scholarly research. Bach would have thus "signed" his final work. Boulder Brass series. Originally in D minor, here transcribed and arranged down a step into C minor. Trumpets are Eb, (2) Bb's & flugelhorn.-cdp
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