Elgar, Edward (Hartman) Nimrod, from Enigma Variations, op 36

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  • Elgar, Edward (Hartman)

    Nimrod, from Enigma Variations, op 36 (Hartman) [211.01]

    Romantic (1899). Trumpet 1 in C, trumpet 2 on flugelhorn. Intermediate technically, but requires a mature ensemble. One of Elgar's most beloved works is Variations on an Original Theme known popularly as the Enigma Variations - written for orchestra. The enigma concerns aspects of the theme itself, what its meaning is and also the identity of another, unstated, theme that overshadows the variations yet is never actually played. The 14 variations were conceived as character sketches of friends of Elgar's, including himself and his wife. Nimrod is a nickname for Elgar's publisher, A.J. Jaeger. Jaeger means "hunter" in German and Nimrod is a mighty hunter of the Old Testament. --the publisher

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