Gabrieli (Winter) Canzona Septimi Toni No 1 (1597), Ch.171 - SCORE

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  • Gabrieli (Winter)

    Canzona Septimi Toni No 1 (1597), Ch.171 - SCORE (Winter) [404.00]

    Renaissance. For eight instruments in 2 choirs. All parts are in C concert. Clefs are TTTB-TTTB or TTAB-TTAB (T=treble). From the collection Sacrae Symphoniae of 1597. Opening statement is Sol Sol-Sol Do-Si-Do-Re. In the seventh (Mixolydian) mode. Score. For a matching set of parts, see item 057479.

    NOTE: This edition is titled as "Canzone No 2 (II. Canzone)" This due to its location in the volume Sacrae Symphoniae. The more commonly accepted title is Canzona Septimi Toni No 1, and that is what we are using here in the Hickeys catalog. It is the *first* "Canzona Septimi Toni" in the Sacrae Symphoniae, but the *second* work entitled "Canzona" overall, hence the title confusion. -cdp

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