Gabrieli (King) Canzona Septimi Toni No 2 (1597), Ch.172

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  • Gabrieli (King)

    Canzona Septimi Toni No 2 (1597), Ch.172 (King) [404.00, 422.00 or 242.00]

    Renaissance. Also known as Canzona (Canzon, Canzone) per Sonare (Sonar, Sonari) Septimi Toni a8 No 2. For eight instruments in 2 choirs. From the collection Sacrae Symphoniae of 1597. This version is in Ab major (concert key), lowered a whole step from the original. Opening statement is Sol-Sol-Sol-Fa-Re. Rhythmic values have been halved from that of the original (i.e. EEEEQ from QQQQH). In the seventh (Mixolydian) mode. Score & parts.

    NOTE: This is the *second* "Canzona Septimi Toni," but the *third* work entitled "Canzona" in the volume Sacrae Symphoniae. It is therefore known both as "Canzona Septimi Toni No 2" and also "Canzona III." -cdp

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