Steptoe, Roger Clarinet Quintet No 2 - Hommage a Claude Debussy

Clarinet Solos w/Strings

  • Steptoe, Roger

    Clarinet Quintet No 2 - Hommage a Claude Debussy

    21st Century (2012). The quintet is based in the same structure as Debussy's Cello Sonata which I played with the American cellist and Attacca Quartet member, Andrew Yee, in New York in 2010. The first movement of my own work starts with a brief introduction before dissolving into four passages of intense lyricism featuring all five instruments. A sequence of three major chords (C-flat, B-flat and G) conclude the movement which ends as it starts.
    The middle movement is a quiet, fleeting scherzo, again highly lyrical and with sensual harmonies. It concludes with a brief quotation from Debussy's PremiŠre Rapsodie. Like the Sonata of Debussy it leads almost unnoticed into the third and final movement, a highly-charged and rhythmically dynamic finale. Here the theme from the first movement is presented as a jazz-like pizzicato accompaniment figure. The three 'key' chords from the first movement are heard again before a brief glimpse of the work's introduction ends the work on an upbeat note. The movement is quirky and amusing. -Roger Steptoe, Septembre 2012, Uzerche, France
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